Thermometer glass AllaFrance ASTM 59C,temperatur suhu termometer

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Detail Thermometer glass AllaFrance ASTM 59C,temperatur suhu termometer
NIST traceable A.S.T.M. thermometers.
A.S.T.M is an American standard. 
These thermometers are manufactured according to the E-1 specifications of the American Society for Testing and Material (A.S.T.M.).

The colour of the glass of our A.S.T.M thermometers is standardized in yellow giving a much better reading than the white back, mainly for mercury filled thermometers. This is a quality choice even if the white glass is usually less expensive than yellow
Tank thermometer
ASTM 59 C range( -18 - 82 C )
Length in 305 mm
American society of testing materials

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