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Twill weave hose jacket and double engineering plastic lining combinations provide more flexibility, compact and lightweight, with better handling The LIGHT- range has alrady earned an outstanding reputation in Japan.LIGHT- hoses feature a twill weave structure. LIGHT- hoses are lined with two thin layers of special high-quality engineering plastics, newly developed by Ashimori, which reduce weight. And the tough jacket resists nicks, cuts and abrasion. Like LATEX hoses, LIGHT- hoses are highly flexible, easy to handle and offer reduced friction loss. 1.Twill weave structure The warp is woven in on a 2-to-1 ratio. As a result, the weft is protected by the warp, improving abrasion resistance. The number of warp and weft crossings is reduced, making the hose more flexible. 2.Double layer lining of engineering plastics * Inner layer: for flexibility and uniform, strong adhesion to jacket. * Outer layer: for durability and resistance to weather, ozone and chemicals.  Features 1. Lightweight and compact. 2. Twill weave structure ensures ease of handling. 3. Double layer lining of engineering plastics ensures durability. Size Product Light Ace Light Diamond Light Star A-0NE Working Pressure 229p.s.i. ( 16kg/ cm2) 186p.s.i. ( 13kg/ cm2) 186p.s.i. ( 13kg/ cm2) 143p .s.i. ( 10kg/ cm2) Test Pressure 500p.s.i. ( 35kq/ cm2) 450p.s.i. ( 31kg/ cm2) 400p.s.i. ( 28kg/ cm2) 300p .s di. ( 21kg/ cm2) 2 1/ 23 ( 65mm) Weight/ 20m 13.9lbs( 6.3kg) 13.2lbs( 6.0kg) 12.5lbs( 5.7kg) 11.2lbs( 5.1kg) Coiling Dia. 13.83( 35cm) 13.43( 34cm) 13.23( 33.5cm) 12.63( 32cm) Burstiing Pressure 785p.s.i. ( 55kg/ cm2) 700p.s.i. ( 49kg/ cm2) 650p.s.i. ( 46kg/ cm2) 571p .s.i. ( 40kg/ cm2) 23 ( 50mm) Weight/ 20m 11.2lbs( 5.1kg) 10.1lbs( 4.6kg) 9.5lbs( 4 .3kg) - Coiling Dia. 13.43( 34cm) 13 d03( 33cm) 12.83( 32.5cm) - Burstiing Pressure 943p.s.i. ( 66kg/ cm2) 814p.s.i. ( 57kg/ cm2) 614p.s.i. ( 43kg/ cm2) - 1 1/ 23 ( 40mm) Weight/ 20m 7.9lbs( 3.6kg) 7.0lbs( 3.2kg) 7.0lbs( 3.2kg) 6.6lbs( 3.0 kg) Coiling Dia. 12.63( 32cm) 12.23( 31cm) 12.23( 31cm) 11.83( 30cm) Burstiing Pressure 886p.s.i. ( 62kg/ cm2) 757p.s.i. ( 53kg/ cm2) 714p.s.i. ( 50kg/ cm2) 514p .s.i. ( 36kg/ cm2)


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