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Detail dan Harga Eco Series | Fire Hose | Selang Pemadam
The first fire hose acquired the Eco-Mark approval Now that the performance and awareness of environmental protection are demanded, Jet Hose Eco Series is being selected, and is being linked to a defined contribution to the environment. The Jet Hose Eco Series is the hose that protects the beautiful green Earth. The features of the Jet Hose Eco Series Uses regenerated fiber from PET bottles Regenerated fiber from PET bottles is used in the Jet Hose Eco Series, and it is an environmentally-friendly recycled product. Approximately 110 PET bottles are used to make one hose. ( 500 mL PET bottles) The Jet Hose Eco Series is the first fire hose to bear the Eco-Mark distinction. Eco-Mark product No. 105 Industrial Fiber Product using Regenerated PET Resin Tough, durable The Jet Hose Eco Series is not simply a hose that uses regenerated fiber from PET bottles. There is practically no increase in the amount of resources used ( weight of the hose) , and there is a marked increase in the abrasion resistance. Designed to extend the life cycle of the hose, and to utilize resources as effectively as possible. The ultimate result is a reduction in the life cycle environmental load ( the environmental load calculated from generation to disposal) . The Jet Hose Eco Series product types Size Working pressure ( MPa) Product type Structure Weight ( g/ m) Coil diameter ( cm) Abrasion resistance Environmental Label 2 1/ 23 ( 65mm) 1.6 Eco Ace Plain weave 315+ -10 38   1.6 Eco Ace Twill weave 310+ -10 37     1.3 Eco Dia Twill weave 290+ -10 36   Conventional product Size Working pressure Product type Structure Weight ( g/ m) Coiling diameter ( cm) Abrasion resistance Environmental Label 2 1/ 23 ( 65mm) 1.6 Light Ace Plain weave 315+ -10 37    None 1.6 Light Ace Twill weave 310+ -10 36    1.3 Light Dia Twill weave 280+ -10 35 


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