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FIRE HOSE YANG KAMI JUAL ADA BEBERAPA MERK DAN UKURAN, DI ANTARANYA : ROYAL, OZEKI, COBRA, FIRE BREAK, APPRON, DLL " HARGA GROSIR" fire hoses designed for more stringent demands. The hose jacket is again made of a circular woven high tenacity polyester yarn, which if required, can also be offered as canvas Fire Hose. For the inner lining a rubber sleeve is used, providing great flexibility and adhesion for single or double jackets. This hose is offered in red colour polynothanic coating in the outside. On request the quality can be further enhanced providing an increase bursting pressure ( upto 150 bar) electro-conductivity with an electrical resistance below 10 Ohm and or an inner lining largely resistant against chemicals, oil and petrol. Fire hoses for professional, fire brigades, oil field and heavy industry use. It' s main distinct features is it' s all one construction of synthetic rubber with textile reinforcement meeting B.S 6391 type and 15636.88 type. Standard roll length 100ft. or 75ft. other lengths to customer requiorement can be supplied. Features Highly Protected: The compound of the cover and its profile protects the hose from damage by abrasion, puncture or impact. Chemical Resistance: Bristol Fire Hose is manufactured to resist contact with a wide range of chemical products: oil, hydrocarbons, alkalis, salt water etc. Weather Resistance: Outstanding performance at extreme temperature( -20O C + 50O C) protected against atmospheric weathering. Strong: High Longitudinal tensile strength stands the passage of heavy vehicles. Very resistant to cuts and punctures. Resists continual flexing throughout its service life conserving its original built in strength. Easily Cleaned: A quick wipe down is sufficient to keep await dirt an grit. If necessary it can be jet washed with detergent to remove chemicals etc. No Drying: No need to dry the hose. Depot Safety Fire Safety Equipment & Mechanical Electrical Contractor Jl. Raya Wates Km. 3 No. 60 Kalibayem - Jogja - Yogyakarta Telp. ( 0274) 618 699, 618 698, 743 7031 Fax. ( 0274) 618 698 Contact Person : Hp. 081 1250 8699, 081 827 9262, 081 126 8963 E-mail : depotsafety99@ , depotsafety1@ , depotsafety@ , sales@ website : / /


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