Robot Coupe Food Processor Blixer 15

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Detail dan Harga Robot Coupe Food Processor Blixer 15
 Detail Robot Coupe Food Processor Blixer 15
Robot Coupe Food Processor Blixer 15
Products Benefits :
·  #RobotCoupe See-through lid to monitor processing from start to finish. 
Lid fitted with a seal so that it is totally leakproof.
·  #RobotCoupe Possibility of adding liquid or solid ingredients while Blixer is running.
·  #RobotCoupe Central bowl locking system for easy assembly.
Tall bowl shaft for processing liquid ingredients.
·  #RobotCoupe New bowl handle design for an even better grip.
Handle at the back of the machine easier to move machine around.
·  #RobotCoupe Stainless-steel, bowl-base blade assembly featuring new patented micro-serrated blade profile (exclusive to Robot-Coupe). Chops ingredients to an ultra-fine, homogeneous consistency and ensures optimum cutting quality every time.
·  #RobotCoupe Easily detachable lid and bowl scraper system.
·  #RobotCoupe Extremely powerful induction motor designed to withstand intensive use, thus ensuring a high level of reliability and a longer lifespan. 
Technical Characteristics :
#RobotCoupe Power : 3000 Watts
#RobotCoupe Voltage : Three Phase
#RobotCoupe Speed(s) : from 1500 to 3000 rpm
#RobotCoupe Bowl capacity : 15 L
#RobotCoupe Number of pureed food meals : From 3 to 10 kg quantities processed by operation.


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