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Brand: PILZ
Pengiriman: 3 hari sejak pembayaran
Lokasi: DKI Jakarta - Jakarta Selatan
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 PT. Felcro Indonesia is exclusive Indonesia agent for selet sensors, proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, encoder, digital panel meters and cable connector systems. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at sales@wurswitch.com / sales@felcro.co.id or call us at : +62-818-790-679 / +62-811-910-479.

630346 PSEN op Testpiece H 30mm
630347 PSEN op cable angle M12 5-pole  3m
630348 PSEN op cable angle M12 5-pole  5m
630349 PSEN op cable angle M12 5-pole 10m
630350 PSEN op cable angle M12 5-pole 30m
630362 PSEN op cable axial M12 4-pole 50m
630363 PSEN op cable angle M12 4-pole 50m
630364 PSEN op cable axial M12 5-pole 50m
630365 PSEN op cable angle M12 5-pole  50m
630366 PSEN op cable axial M12 4-p. shield. 50m
630367 PSEN op cable angle M12 4-p. shield. 50m
630368 PSEN op cable axial M12 8-p. shield. 50m
630369 PSEN op cable angle M12 8-p. shield. 50m
630712 PSEN 2S/4S bracket
630772 PSEN op bracket turnable (kit)
630820 PSEN op2.1 L-Muting Set
630821 PSEN op2.2 T-Muting Set
630822 PSEN op2.3 L-Reflex
630823 PSEN op2.4 L-Reflector
630824 PSEN op muting bracket kit
630830 PSEN op3.3 Reflex NO/NC M12
630831 PSEN op3.1 Receiver NO/NC M12
630832 PSEN op3.2 Emitter M12
630900 PSEN op Mirror-015/1
630901 PSEN op Mirror-060/1
630902 PSEN op Mirror-090/1
630903 PSEN op Mirror-120/1
630904 PSEN op Mirror-165/1
630905 PSEN op Mirror-190/1
630906 PSEN op Mirror Bracket Kit/1
630910 PSEN op Lens Shield-015/1
630911 PSEN op Lens Shield-030/1
630912 PSEN op Lens Shield-045/1
630913 PSEN op Lens Shield-060/1
630914 PSEN op Lens Shield-075/1
630915 PSEN op Lens Shield-090/1
630916 PSEN op Lens Shield-105/1
630917 PSEN op Lens Shield-120/1
630918 PSEN op Lens Shield-135/1
630919 PSEN op Lens Shield-150/1
630920 PSEN op Lens Shield-165/1
630921 PSEN op Lens Shield-180/1
630922 PSEN op Lens Shield-2-050
630923 PSEN op Lens Shield-3-080
630924 PSEN op Lens Shield-4-090
630925 PSEN op Lens Shield-4-120
630930 PSEN op67-69K-015/1
630931 PSEN op67-69K-030/1
630932 PSEN op67-69K-045/1
630933 PSEN op67-69K-060/1


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