Jual Total Station Topcon GM 52 High Spesifications

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Detail dan Harga Jual Total Station Topcon GM 52 High Spesifications


Topcon GM-52 This powerful, cost efficient Manual Total Station was designed from the ground up to deliver the latest technological advantages in a small, sleek design. It features an ultra-powerful EDM, best-in-class angle accuracy encoder system to provide the accuracy, speed, and endurance needed on the most demanding job sites. Plus, with a rugged housing and extended battery-life youll be able to handle even the toughest conditions.
The new GM-50 series of measuring stations is a combination of traditional Japanese Topcons quality and accuracy, economical and compact design that is ideal for day-to-day measurements. High speed and powerful remote, robust design (protection IP66), data storage on USB Flash memory up to 32 GB, prism-less reach up to 500 m, single-battery operation up to 14 hours makes it an excellent solution for work in geodata and construction.
Designed to deliver the latest technological advantages in a sleek design, each GM-50 series total station is equipped with a best-in-class EDM. The total station measures up to 4,000 meters to standard prisms (5,000 meters under good conditions) and up to 500 meters in reflector-less mode. Other features include a built-in laser plummet, dual-axis compensation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a battery life of up to 28 hours. In addition to an internal memory of 50,000 points, the total station also features a USB 2.0 slot

Total Station Topcon GM 52 Descriptions
1 Display ( 2 Layar )
Laser Reflectorless 500 Meter non-prism range
4,000 m prism range
Akurasi 2 Detik
Up to 50,000 point Built In Memory
Waterproof/dust-proof IP66
Environmentally protected
Compatible with industry standard thumb drives
work with one battery up to 14 hours

Paket Pembelian :

Lengkapi dengan Standar Aksesoris sbb :
1x Unit TS GM-52
2 Alumunium Tripod
1x Prisma Polygon
1x Prisma Detail
1x Range Pole
1x Charger
1x Batery
1x Kabel Data
1x CD Software
1x Sertifikat Kalibrasi
1x Kartu Garansi
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