Fusion Seplicer Tumtec V9 Garansi 20bln

Rp. 47.000.000
Diperbarui: 13-09-2018 12:01
Brand: Tumtec
Pembelian Minimal: 1 unit
Pembelian Maksimal: 1 unit
Pengiriman: 3 hari sejak pembayaran
Lokasi: DKI Jakarta - Jakarta Selatan - Jagakarsa
Detail dan Harga Fusion Seplicer Tumtec V9 Garansi 20bln
Tumtec Fusion Splicer V9 is one of the most powerful and intelligent fusion splicing machines and adopts core alignment technology. It has industrial-level Quad-core CPU( Mainly 1.4 GHz ), featuring low power cost and high performances, equipping with 5” High-Resolution color LCD touch screen for easy operations, achieving industry’s magnification of 500X so that fiber conditions can be easily inspected with unaided eyes. It also provides high capacity battery of 10200mAH for working even further in the field, which is typical 340 splicing/heating cycles. Innovative technology brings unlimited convenience. With its excellent and stable performances, V9 has become one of the most reliable and effective fusion splicer in global market.

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