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Detail dan Harga Steadichlor
Steadichlor NS, 2.5 kg (WT122)
Steadichlor NS, 5 kg (WT123)

Steadichlor tablets offer a simple and effective means of water chlorination without the need for complex dosing equipment. Steadichlor tablets dissolve in water to give a slow steady chlorine release. The dissolving time is approximately four hours in flowing water or 12-24 hours in static water. Steadichlor tablets are prepared from calcium hypochlorite. In use, the tablets do not contribute any substances not normally present in treated mains water.

Additional Information

Part Code Description Pack Size
WT122 Steadichlor 'NS' 2.5 kg (approx 125 tablets)
WT123 Steadichlor 'NS' 5 kg (approx 250 tablets)


Dosing for water chlorination

Steadichlor tablets offer an ideal means of chlorinating water in tanks, wells or  small reservoirs, and waste water in tanks or effluent streams. The tablets should be used in accordance with standard chlorination practice depending on the water to be treated and the purpose of treatment.

Volume of water to be treated Number of tablets
required to provide 1 mg/L chlorine
14,000 Litres (3700 Gallons) 1
28,000 Litres (7400 Gallons) 2
56,000 Litres (14,800 Gallons) 4

Disinfection of water mains and tanks

The Steadichlor system is established as one of the simplest means of disinfecting new or repaired water mains and tanks. A feature of the Steadichlor system is the unique Palintest Chlorocol test, especially developed for the control of mains disinfection procedures.

Pipe Diameter Spacing between each tablet (metres)
required to provide 30 mg/L chlorine
80 mm (1 inches) N/A
100 mm (4 inches) 50m
150 mm (6 inches) 25m
200 mm (8 inches) 13m
250 mm (10 inches) 8m
300 mm (12 inches) 6m
400 mm (15 inches) 3m
450 mm (18 inches) 2m

Monitoring chlorine levels

Where chlorination is to be carried out to disinfect water, a free chlorine residual of at least 1 mg/l should be achieved in the treated water. Note that it will normally be necessary to add a higher chlorine dose to satisfy the chlorine demand of the water.

The dosage of Steadichlor tablets should, therefore, be controlled in response to free chlorine test readings taken on the treated water. Testing should be carried out using Palintest DPD 1 tablets and a chlorine test kit. Details of the Palintest DPD test and full range of test kits available are available on this website (products menu - browse by parameter - select chlorine), and relevant products are listed below.

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