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Brand: Palintest
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Detail dan Harga Dipslides
Dipslides TTC (PT711)
Dipslides TTC/M (PT710)

Simple detection of bacteria, yeasts and moulds for cooling water circuits, institutional hygiene and other applications where microbiological control is important. Available for either total colony (TTC) or total colony plus yeasts and moulds (TTC/M), Palintest Dipslides are designed for reliable generation of microbiological data:

  • Test either liquid samples or work surfaces
  • Simple test protocol – dip or press on a surface, cap and incubate
  • Range of accessories including incubators and gloves.

Dipslides comprise a simple agar slide contained in a plastic test tube. The lighter colour medium comprises nutrient agar for total aerobic count of bacteria (plate count). The medium contains TTC dye which stains most colonies red for easy enumeration.

The darker coloured medium comprises malt agar from the growth of yeasts and moulds. Yeast appears as low round white or grey discs, mould appears as furry colonies. After incubation, the slide surfaces are simply compared against the appropriate chart to obtain the bacteria, yeast or mould count.

The range of detection for bacteria and yeasts is 103 - 107 CFU/ml for fluids or 5 - 250 CFU/cm2 for surfaces. The range of detection for moulds is 102 - 104 CFU/ml for fluids and 0.4 - 4 CFU/cm2 for surfaces.

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