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Brand: Palintest
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Lokasi: Banten - Tangerang Selatan - Serpong
Detail dan Harga Colitag
Colitag, 100 ml, pack of 100 (CT200)
Colitag, 100 ml, pack of 20 (CT220)

Colitag is a pre-dispensed, dry blended reagent formulation containing salts, nitrogen and carbon sources and specific indicator/nutrients for rapid confirmation of total coliforms and E.coli. Positive samples are detected by a visible colour change.

Simply fill a sterile tube to the level, mix and then incubate at 35 °C. The formation of a yellow colour in 24 hours or less indicates the presence of total coliforms. Positive tubes are then checked for the presence of E.coli by looking for fluorescence under UV light.

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Part Code Contents
CT200 Colitag 100 ml vials, pack of 100
CT220 Colitag 100 ml vials, pack of 20

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