CK1000 Matrix Switch HDMI KVM Over IP Extender

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Detail dan Harga CK1000 Matrix Switch HDMI KVM Over IP Extender

This extender can extend the HDMI signal to 100meters over one single CAT5e/CAT6/CAT7 cable.

It's compatible with all the HDTV formats, supports one way IR transmission,

the max resolution can up to 1080P 60Hz.

With KVM function, it provided users to remote control the equipment.

With indicators on the front panel,

users will be much easier to know the equipment working status.

Last but not least, this extender also can connect to the network switch,

then it can realize one to many or many to many.   

This equipment has popularly used in meeting room, military, bank, government,

medical and so on fields.



1.Supports KVM function to realize remote control.

2.Over one single Cat5e/6 cable or IP up to 100m transmission.

3.Support all HD formats, the maximum resolution up to 1080P60Hz

4.Supports one way IR.

5.Matrix switching extension over IP.

6.Supports multi-consoles to multi PCs ( multi-console KVM Extender )

7.Made in Taiwan.

PANIO Information Company

Sumatera Selatan