OGURA CLUTCH MCNB Electromagnetic Spring

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Brand: OGURA
Pembelian Minimal: 1 Piece
Pembelian Maksimal: 1 Piece
Lokasi: DKI Jakarta - Jakarta Timur
Detail dan Harga OGURA CLUTCH MCNB Electromagnetic Spring

MCNB Electromagnetic Spring-Applied Brake
(Torque Range: 1.8~8.9in-lbs / 0.2~1Nm)

Small spring applied brake available with either D hub designs or set screws. Standard voltages are 24 and 45 but other voltage options are available. Units are designed to give 100% rated torque right out of the box. No burnishings required.
model no : 
MCNB-2G (24V Old Type) P/N 25244500
MCNB-2H (45V) Old Type P/N 25249400
MCNB-2GS (Stopping 24V) New Type  P/N 25333400
MCNB-2GR (Holding 24V) New Type P/N 25332000
MCNB-2KS (Stopping  90V) New Type P/N 25334400
MCNB-2KR (Holding 90V) NEW TYPE  P/N 25334000
MCLB-5G (24V)  P/N 25291400
MCNB-5G(24V) Old Type  P/N 25244600
MCLB-5H (45V) P/N 25317200
MCNB-5H (45V) (OLD TYPE) Ogura P/N25249900
MCNB-5GS (Stopping 24V) New Ogura  P/N 25339000
MCNB-5GR (Holding 24V)New Ogura P/N 25337600
MCNB-5KS (Stopping 90V) New Ogura P/N 25340100
MCNB-5KR (Holding 90V) New Ogura  P/N 25339600
MCNB-10G (24V) Old Ogura  Ogura  P/N 25244700
MCNB-10H (45V) Old Type P/N 25250400
MCNB-10GS (Stopping 24V) New Type P/N 25336300
MCNB-10GR (Holding  24V) New Type P/N 25334800                                    
MCNB-10KS (Stopping 90V) New Type P/N 25337300 
MCNB-10KR (Holding 90V) New Type P/N 25336800

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