ARAP-E & ARAP-C Respirator AVON Protection

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Detail ARAP-E & ARAP-C Respirator AVON Protection

ARAP-E & ARAP-C Respirator AVON Protection

NIOSH approved units let you easily switch cylinders.Both ARAP units are NIOSH approved and deliver over 500 liters per minute ( lpm ) flow rates. The 5 minute cylinder on the ARAP-E is rated 2216 psi and the 10 and 15 minute cylinders are rated at 3000 psi. The quick change cylinder allows users to change from a 5 minute cylinder to a 10 or 15 minute cylinder; simply unplug one cylinder and plug in the new cylinder. With a choice of cylinder durations, workers can enter an IDLH atmosphere with confidence that there is ample time to escape.

Facepiece options give you more control.The ARAP line is available with a choice of facepieces: theAirHood, the AirSwitch facemask, or a standard facemask.

The new AirHood is a positive pressure hood that allows userswith facial hair or glasses to enter an IDLH atmosphere and still comply with OSHA standards. The AirHood has a hard polycarbonate visor that allows for a distortion free viewing area.

The sealing surface of the AirHood is around the neck area andis adjustable to two different sizes. Avon-ISI' s CDV ( Compact Demand Valve ) , used in conjunction with the AirHood, uses a pilot jet valve that can be serviced in minutes. It has only two moving parts and can be easily repaired or replaced. Compact CDV won' t block your view. The CDV is a high flow regulator that delivers over 500 lpm with less breathing resistance.

This rate far exceeds the NIOSH and NFPA breathing rates. The CDV’ s size provides an unobstructed view through the hood.



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