IKUSI Multichannel Distribution Amplifier ONE-118

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Brand: Ikusi
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Lokasi: Jawa Timur - Malang - Pakis
Detail IKUSI Multichannel Distribution Amplifier ONE-118
 IKUSI Multichannel Distribution Amplifier ONE-123

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-Self-installation function.
-All settings are automatically memorised.
- Reprogrammable as many times as required. Programmed without the need for external control.
-10 tunable UHF filters with the variable band width of 1 to 5 channels.
-Terrestrial inputs (BI-FM, BIII-DAB, UHF and EXT) and satellite input with low noise figure.
-2 types configurable outputs: (2x) TV2&TV1 or (1x) TV1.
- Equalization and automatic gain control.
-Internal configuration cloning with transferral to another equipment.
- Equipment locking by security code.


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