Modulator Ikusi MAW-200 Analogue

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Brand: Ikusi
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Ikusi MAW-200 – Analogue modulator – top of the range quality , Made in Spain.

Appropriate use with TV satellite receivers, VCR’s and video cameras.
-Direct video/audio modulation. Multistandard. Mono sound. DSB
(Double Side-Band) TV output channel.
-Agile selection of channel. Possibility of shifting the standard
video carrier frequency up to ±2.5 MHz.
- Possible connection of stereo sound sources. L and R signals are
JJ Built-in test pattern generator.
JJ Two buttons and one 2-digit LED display for selection and
programming of operating parameters.
JJ Panel potentiometers for audio modulation and RF output level settings.
JJ Input port for RF coupling of antenna/SMATV signal.
JJ External plastic box. Indoor mounting. Wall fixing by two screws.
JJ Insertable mains lead. AC power indicator.
JJ Interfacing kit CVA-002 available.

Output TV Channel Frequency MHz 47 – 84, 174 – 300, 470 – 862
Selectable TV System B, G, H, D, K, I, L, M, N
Output Channel Spectrum Double Side-Band
Audio operation mode Mono
RF coupling frequencies MHz 45 – 2150 (TV+SAT)
Fine tuning of video carrier frequency MHz ±2.5 MHz (steps of 0.25 MHz)
Adjustable output level dBμV 65 – 85
Switchable carrier level ratio dB 12 ±3/16 ±3
Video input level Vpp 0.9 – 1.1
Video input impedance Ω 75
Audio input level mV 150 – 775
Audio input impedance kΩ 10
Adjustable audio peak deviation kHz ±50
RF coupling loss dB < 1.5 (TV), < 2.7 (SAT)
Mains voltage Vac 230 – 240
Consumption W 3
Dimensions mm 120 x 82 x 34

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