Dehumidifier GEA CFZ-15/S

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Detail Dehumidifier GEA CFZ-15/S

GEA Dehumidifier ( Dryer ) CFZ-15/S


Dehumidifier Model 


Scope of Application  

360 L/day

Supply Voltage 

AC 220-240 V/50 Hz

Rated Input Power 

5.8 A

Rated Input Current 

2000 watt ( 380 V )



Dryer ( M³ ) 

7,2 - 12

Mode of Defrosting 


Circulating Air Volume  

4000 m³/h

Mode of Drainage 

Tube Continuously Drainage

Operating Temperature 

5-38 ℃

Protection Mode of Compressor 

3-minute Delay Start


1250 ( P ) X 580 ( L ) X 1920 ( T ) mm

Net Weight 

250 kg.

Features and Function

Defrost Mode

By Air or Hot Gas Selectable

Drain way

Water Pump or Water Tube

GLR Technology for US Market

Tier Up

Tier Up Function

Functioning Principle

Refrigerant Drying


Reciprocating Type Compressor

Automatic Defrosting Mode

Electric Hot Gas

Automatic Dehumidification Mode

Hygrostat-controlled Continuously Drainage

Air Filter-Easy to remove, easy to clean


Protected Control Panel

Type of Housing

Composite metal/Synthetic/Material Housing


Plastic Castors/Handhold ( s ) / Big Wheels

Integrated Outlet to Allow the Condensate to Drain Off When Not Supervised in Continuous Mode

Can Be Optionally Fitted with a Condensate Pump

Machines with a moisture absorbent refrigeration technique ( using a compressor ), as well as the air conditioning is out ranges from 30 – 38 ⁰C ( + 3 ⁰C - + 5 ºC Site above room temperature ) so as not to damage the quality of the products that are vulnerable to heat.

 Application as a dehumidifier ( Absorbent Moisture )

Warehouse Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Paper, Electronic, Computer etc.

Place a moist like Spa, Swimming Pool, Travel Resort

 Application as a Dryer ( Dryer )

Drying Vegetables, Fish, Sea cucumber, Agricultural Products, Spices etc. 



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