1+1 Console 16 Ports HDMI / DVI / VGA CAT5 KVM Switch-Made in Taiwan

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Brand: PANIO
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Detail dan Harga 1+1 Console 16 Ports HDMI / DVI / VGA CAT5 KVM Switch-Made in Taiwan

KC216 1+1 Console 16 Ports HDMI / DVI / VGA CAT5 KVM Switch

The 1+1 Console 16-port KVM switch can control attached servers and computers from local or remote console.
This KVM switch is with features as one local console port or one optional IP-based remote console port, Daisy Chain,
On Screen Display (OSD) Menu, Password security, Hot key Control, Push Button and Auto Scan Control and etc.. It has
complete keyboard and mouse emulation for simultaneous computer boot-up processes.
1+1 Console 16 port KVM switch
Use DVI (optional DVI to HDMI) or VGA dongle commit 8 video signal input.
Support full CAT5 interface on all computer ports for reducing KVM cable bulk
Support one local console plus one optional remote console (CAT5 or IP)
Support Microsoft Windows, Netware, Unix, and Linux
Support iMAC, Power MAC and Sun Micro Systems with USB port
No Software Required – easy computer selection via On Screen Display (OSD) Menu, Push Buttons, Hotkeys
Provide various Hotkey (Scroll-Lock/ Caps-Lock/ Num-Lock/ Alt/ Ctrl/ Win) for switching computer port and other 
  control functions, so Hotkey function can be used in various types of keyboards, and to avoid Hotkey duplicate problem
Support two levels of password security protections
Provide ACL (Access Control List) security function, store up to 8 independent ACLs of controllable computer lists
Hot Plug --- add or remove connected computers without powering off the KVM switch or computers
Support Daisy Chain function with both Bus (8-layer) and Tree (2-layer) topologies
Keyboard status restored when switching computers
Made in Taiwan.

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