Jual Penangkal Petir VIKING V3 / V6

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Brand: Viking
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Detail Jual Penangkal Petir VIKING V3 / V6
 VIKING V3 V6 PENANGKAL PETIR PRODUCT DEscriptION The Viking Early Streamer Emission Product is equiped with the following Electrical Impulse sensor and electric energy collector. Lightning pick up rod. ions generator terminal Electronic ion generator. Product Range There are 2 Models in the VIKING Range V.6 and V.3 and each model has different performance spesification corresponding to different protection radii. Both model are made of stainless steel which particulary suited to any corrosive environments. Radius Protection Max V3. 110 meter V6. 132 meter Weight V.3 3.9kg and V.6 4.3kg

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