Lampu Led Emergency Exit Lamp Explosion Proof 3W QINSUN BZD310 LED

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Detail Lampu Led Emergency Exit Lamp Explosion Proof 3W QINSUN BZD310 LED
Jual Lampu Led Emergency Exit Lamp Explosion Proof 3 Watt QINSUN BZD310 LED Ex-Proof Emergency Exit Signal Lighting  Jakarta Indonesia

LED Luminaire for Exit Sign
The BZD310 series Exit Signs are illuminated by LEDs, providing the customer with long-life, low maintenance, and dependability for use in conditions where reliability is crucial. Designed for the most severe environments, the BZD310 LED Exit Signs will provide maximum performance against rain, moisture, cold, corrosion, and dust in applications such as refineries, and petrochemical and chemical plants.
Explosive gas atmosphere: Zone 1 and Zone 2;
Combustible dust environment: Zone 20, Zone 21, and Zone 22;
Explosive gas atmosphere of IIA, IIB; T1-6;

● LEDs provide long life, even illumination, and energy savings.
● Wide voltage range: AC220V type can operate within 90-265V range.
● Good EMC: excellent electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference.
● 24-hour charge and recharge recovery time increases safety.
● Brown-out protection protects battery and reduces labor.
● Heavy duty Ni-MH battery for long life meets 90 minute requirements for battery operated emergency system.
● High pressure accurate aluminum die cast housing protects against impact and chemical resistance.
● The panel is made of impact-resistant borosilicate glass with trasfer printing technology, ensures high Ex-Proof performance.
● Wide operating temperature range (-20°C to 60°C).
● Different sign panels for option.

Group II Category 2GD
Applicable Zone
Zone 1 - Zone 2 (Gas) & Zone 21 - Zone 22 (Dust)
Ex d IIC T6 Gb/DIP A21 TA T6
Rated Voltage
AC/DC90-265V 50/60Hz
Rated Wattage
Emergency Duration
>90 min
Battery Specification
Heavy duty Ni-MH battery
IP Grade
Corrosion-proof Grade
Ambient temperature
-20°C~ +60°(-40°C optional)
Cable Entry
G1/2" or NPT 1/2" or M20X1.5
Mounting(Wall/Ceiling/Pendant pole)


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Lampu Led Explosion Proof ATex Standart Eropa (INERIS-France) Qinsun.
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Qinsun Led Explosion Proof - Led Street Light - Solar Panel - Mobile Light - Emergency Light

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