IP-DECT NEC Handset G955

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Detail dan Harga IP-DECT NEC Handset G955


The UNIVERGE DECT G955 handset is a sophisticated wireless handset for use in professional office environments. It provides you with the optimum in mobility, accessibility, flexibility and comfort. The G955 brings mobile communication for DECT users to the highest level.

This device can be utilised in any organisation, but would also benefit companies which needs to send critical messages or alarm information to employees.

At a Glance

  • Appealing design, easy to use handset
  • Increase accessibility
  • Flexibility, comfort and mobility for the user
  • Additional freedom with Bluetooth headset
  • High-end mobile communication device for voice and messaging
  • Reduces both communication and maintenance costs
  • A simple, secure, feature rich solution

The G955 satisfies the most advanced requirements for voice and message communications in a business environment providing mobility, flexibility and accessibility, without compromising on comfort and ease of use.


The UNIVERGE DECT G955 handset is an excellent device for organisations that rely on sending messaging or alarm information to employees. Key sectors which would benefit from this device include healthcare and hospitality. It features:

  • An appealing design and intuitive user interface
  • Colour display and icon based menu for ease of use
  • Scratch-protected user design
  • Valuable information to the user, reducing central directory access, personal phone book and calendar entries
  • Enhanced comfort and flexibility by adding options such as a bluetooth headset
  • Full control over accessibility
  • Call control features seamlessly integrated with the PBX
  • DECT compliance for high quality speech and security
  • Easy servicing and maintenance

Physical characteristics

Handset 126x45x20 mm
Charger 55x60x72 mm
Handset 89 g
Charger 34 g
AC Adaptor 70g
Handset IP50
- Indoor 50 m max 1)
- Outdoor 300 m max 1)
1) The radio coverage DECT handsets depends on the environment and presence of obstacles
Power Supply
Handset 3.7V, 650mAh Lithium-ion
Charger Powered via AC/DC adapter
- Input 100-240VAC/50/60Hz/150mA
- Output 5VDC/350mA
- Mains plug

Euro, UK, North America or


Charger rack Powered via AC/DC adapter
- Input 100-240VAC/50/60Hz/500mA
- Output 5VDC/2500mA
- Mains plug Euro, UK, North America or

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