Jual EMERSON 475 HART Field Communicator

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Brand: Jual EMERSON 475 HART Field Communicator
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HART Communicator 475
Made in : Taiwan

HART 475 - Hand Held HART Communicator

Brief Introduction:
HART 475 - HART Communicator is a hand held interface based on HART protocol, and in full english operation.
It is mainly used in the industrial field to perform configuration, management, mainte nance and adjustment to all of HART compatible instruments, and meantime monitor the process variables of the running instruments.

Main Performance:

Fully support all of HART main stream instr uments, such as:
l ROSEMOUNT Smart Transmitter ( Support the latest version)
l YOKOGAWA EJA Smart Transmitter ( Support the latest version)
l SIEMENS Smart Transmitter
l Endress+ Hauser Smart Transmitter
l WIKA Smart Transmitter
l FUJI Smart Transmitter
l WELLTECH Smart Transmitter
l XIYI Smart Transmitter
l HUAKONG Smart Transmitter
l Etc.

More pressure, temperature, and flow HART Smart instruments program library will be available soon.

Main Functions:
l To perform test, diagnosis, and inspection of HART instruments during production
l To perform configuration, calibration, diagnosis, mainte nance, and monitoring of on-line
HART instr uments
l To acquire manufacturer information of on-line HART instr uments
l To realize the operating status and failure information of the HART instr uments
l To read output current and process variables of the instruments
l To read sensor related parameters and outp ut values

Technical Specif ications:

l In conformity with HART protocol
l Operating mode: Intercommunication semiduplex 1200 bit/ s
l Receivable voltage: + 40 V
l Power supply: 4.5 VDC, 3 * 1.5V AA size batteries
l Battery life time: 100 hours ( for AA Alkaline batteries) , 80 hours ( for 1000 mA
rechargeable batteries)
l Power consumption: 91.3 mA ( typical value under working state) , 1 µ A ( typical value under power-off state)
l Leakage current: Less than 1 µ A at 20 ° C
l Communication distance: Less than 1500 M

l Isolated mode: Isolation between HART communication co nnector and power supply
l LCD Display: Monochrome, 8 lines, 21 characters per line
l Operation temperature: 0 ~ 50 ° C
l Fully support HART common commands of all main stream instruments

HP. 08118780111