Fharmaceutical Refrigerator

Diperbarui: 15-05-2014 03:38
Brand: labtech
Pembelian Minimal: 1 unit
Pembelian Maksimal: 1 unit
Pengiriman: 3 hari sejak pembayaran
Lokasi: Lampung - Pringsewu
Detail dan Harga Fharmaceutical Refrigerator
 Temperature range 2°C TO 10°C
Precise Temperature Control System

Micro Processor PID Controller ensures the most accurate temperature control and maintains cooled temperature during defrost cycle by unique designated technology

PC Software System

RS-232C/485 interface to LIS/HIS requirement with monitoring software is supplied

Self-Diagnostic and alarm system

-          High low working room temperature alarm

-          Electric power failure alarm

-          Status of door opening warning alarm

-          Low battery for controller warning alarm

-          Operating temperature check in High and Low

-          Password locking system for set temperature

IQ-OQ Documentation and validation

Is provide on request as optional order

High density polyurethane foam insulation

With 60mm thickness insulation provides excellent low temperature and maintain cool temperature for a long time in case of power failure


Vacuum sealed pair glass door


User friendly Design


-          Build in fluorescent lamp with ON/OFF switch and circulation fan stop while door is opening


-          Door key lock device and password lock for safety


Magnetic Packing with adjustable tension Door

Prevent cold temperature from any air leakage


Lampung - Pringsewu