Total station, Nikon Total Station NPL-632, Total Station Nikon NPL-632

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Brand: Nikon
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Detail dan Harga Total station, Nikon Total Station NPL-632, Total Station Nikon NPL-632

Total Station Nikon NPL 632
come with a CompactFlash ( CF) card slot and a USB port

- Ketelitian Sudut : 2 " 
- Ketelitian Jarak : 1/ 5 -( 2mm+ 2ppmxD) 
- Pembesaran Lensa : 33x
- Internal Memory : 10.000 Points
- Display : 2 Muka
- Jarak ukur 1 Prisma : 2.300 M
- Jarak ukur 3 Prisma : 3.000 M

The DTM-652 and NPL-632 deliver a versatile, easy-to-use platform to help your job done right. Featuring a CompactFlash ( CF) card slot and a USB port, the DTM-652 and NPL632 make data transfer a breeze. Other popular qualities of the DTM-652 and NPL-632 include Nikon' s world-renowned optics that gives you brighter, clearer images. The first and accurate EDM helps you move quickly from point to point. And lightweight, all-weather construction ensures reliable performance in tough field conditions.

The DTM-652 Total Station is one of the fastest total stations in its class, with highly accurate 1 " angle and 2+ 2ppm distance measurement capabilities. This EDM helps you move quickly through your survey routines, so you spend less time in the field.

DTM-652 offers long battery life of 10 hours ( 6 hours for NPL-632) continuous distance/ angle measurement, or 27 hours ( 12 hours for NPL-632) with one distance measurement every 30 sec.

DTM-652 Total Station and NPL-632 Pulse Laser Station cleared IP54 standard for dust and water resistance.

Survey software program installed on the DTM-652 and NPL-632 succeeds the DTM-502 series Total Station software which has been well-known as a easy-to-use and easy-to-learn software. For details of the software program.

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