Trough type mixing machine Model TMM-200

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Detail dan Harga Trough type mixing machine Model TMM-200
This machine us used for mixing the powdery of pastel supplies, making the material of different qualities mix evenly, its characteristic is that the type of mix is horizontal groove-type thick liquid, mix thick liquid as coherent axle, easy to wash. The parts continue acting with the material are all made of stainless steel.
Operating principles:
Use the rotation of the chick liquid leaf in the material groove
to mix different qualities material evenly. Round groove mixer material groove and thick liquid leaf turn round backward at
the same time, the efficiency the groove-type mixer than general type and more even it can mix.

Trough capacity ( L) : 200
Mixing and speed ( r/ min) : 24
Mixing and speed ( min) : 5-20
Main motor ( kw) : 4
Dumping motor ( kw) : 0, 75
Net weight ( kg) : 750
Overall size ( mm) : 1400X600X1200
Overall dimension ( mm) : 1370X650X1100 

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