NITON Hand Held XRF Element Analysis

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Detail dan Harga NITON Hand Held XRF Element Analysis

Geochemical Exploration and Survey

In all stages of the geochemical and mineral exploration process, you make decisions based upon site conditions, judgment, and experience. Meanwhile, quickly obtaining accurate exploration assay data to guide mining operations is one of your biggest obstacles to high productivity. The fast acquisition of this data for rapid delineation of ore boundaries and the in-depth, quantitative geochemical analysis of metal concentrations for mine mapping and grade control is critically important for your efficient mining functions.

Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analyzers provide you with mining exploration assay data within seconds, allowing for immediate ore flagging, avoidance of lab turnaround delays, and rapid delineation of ore boundaries.


You get real-time elemental analysis from a variety of sample forms:

  • Directly on the mine face
  • Bagged samples from survey or drilling operations
  • Drill cores and cuttings
  • Prepared samples

Our innovative XRF mining analyzers enhance mineral exploration by improving precision and detection limits over previously available handheld XRF instruments. They are the tools to choose for measuring elemental concentrations in: 

  • Ores
  • Soils
  • Sediments, cuttings and cores
  • Mill Heads and tails
  • Concentrates
  • Filter media
  • With fast, simple GPS/GIS integration for real-time mapping

What's more, once a survey is complete, our GPS-XRF file translation utility, just one feature of our Thermo Scientific NDT software, allows you to download your NDT file, combined assay data, and GPS coordinates from your analyzer to a PC. Then you can export the files from NDT format into many other formats...MapInfo, ESRI shape files, Keyhole Markup Language, and more.

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