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High-Duty rotary valves are employed in the conveying and dosing of almost any kind of product in the most demanding applications. These valves are eminently suitable for handling powdered and granulated materials in pneumatic conveying systems and under atmospheric conditions. 
Rotary valves Type H-AR
The H-AR type valve is basically suitable for almost any application you can think of. The valve functions mainly as an air- or explosion barrier or for dosing/discharging of a wide variety of materials. H-AR valves can be employed as a protective system up to 10 bar when handling dust explosion hazardous materials (dust explosion barrier). The valve is also very suitable for dosing in a pneumatic conveying system when used in combination with a blow-trough or ventury adaptor. H-AR valves create a high filling efficiency and capacity due to their effective inlet shape.
• Size DN 150 - DN 500
• Rotor volume 2,5 up to 125 ltr./rev
Blowing seals Type H-GR
TBMA H-GR type blowing seals have the same characteristics as the H-AR type valve but are employed in the direct dosing of powdered and granulated materials into pneumatic conveying systems. They are therefore designed with cast pipe inlet and outlet connections allowing the valve to be directly mounted in the conveying line. The design of the conical transition area below the rotor ensures the efficient emptying of each rotor pocket.
• Size DN 150 - DN 350
• Rotor volume 2,5 up to 58 ltr./rev
Rotary valves Type H-AX
The TBMA H-AX valves find their application mainly in situations where the flange size has a higher priority than valve capacity. The valve offers a relative large flanged diameter in relation to the rotor capacity for easy discharging of even very poor flowing materials.
H-AX type valves are manufactured with a square and circular flange. It is therefore possible to use the valve as a transition connection from square to round or vice versa. Both flange sides have a double shearing edge and the valve housing is executed with cast air vent provisions in both directions. This means a considerable reduction in installation height and cost for expensive transition flanges.
• Size DN 150 - DN 350 (square/round)
• Rotor volume 2,5 up to 34 ltr./rev
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